Weekly Link Roundup for 2/20/2015

Weekly Link Roundup

The Weekly Link Roundup consists of select articles from my reading around the Internet this past week. You can see all of my bookmarks on Pinboard. Take Me to Church? Half of Pastors Believe Faith Will Become Online-Only Experience Today 47 percent agree that at least some people will experience their faith exclusively through the internet within […]

How Is Your Church Embracing Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning Spike BeginsMobile learning has been around in the mainstream for a few years now, but to date it really hasn’t experienced its spike. I believe that in 2015 we will start to see rise of this likely monumental peak. There are a few reasons, but mainly the advancements in the technology (think smartphones […]

Two Words That Open the Door to Unlimited Learning

Jeff Charbonneau was named 2013 National Teacher of the Year for a reason. The man gets involved. In his small school in Zillah, Washington, a community of only 3,000 people, Charbonneau wears many hats. He’s the high school chemistry teacher. He’s also the yearbook teacher and the assistant drama teacher. He used to be the […]

Free Clipart, Photo Websites & Copyright Issues

Photo courtesy of morgueFile.com Teachers and writers are always on the hunt for appropriate images to enhance their instruction or articles. Clearly, the Internet has simplified this process tremendously, but at the same time the legal issues surrounding copyright and fair use have become more complicated. Yvon Prehn over at Effective Church Communications provides a […]