Facebook Page vs. Group: Which Should I Use?

I recently responded to a question regarding the differences between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. I use both extensively and thought I would share some of my preferences when making the decision whether to start a Page or a Group. When to Use a Facebook Page When we first started developing for the web back […]

Twitter and the Church

Jeff Wilson over at imageForth.com has some feedback on his experience using Twitter to stay connected with his church. While he points out several advantages, there is one big disadvantage that can be difficult to overcome: Twitter is a great way to keep those who “twitter” informed, but one of the problems that we have […]

New Social Network Launched

After quite a few days of tweaking, I have officially launched my first social network using Ning. This is a social network for users of Logos Bible Software, the primary software I use for Bible study, teaching preparation, research, and anything else to do with biblical studies. I have been a Logos user for 10 […]