Giving Letter (8/2007)

August 14, 2007 Dear Family of Friends, Today is August 14, 2007. I can’t believe that we are already more than halfway through the calendar year! The State Fair is in progress and school starts for many next week. I hope you had a wonderful summer, but I have to admit I love it when […]

Giving Letter (7/2006)

July 17, 2006 Dear Family of Friends, I hope you are enjoying your summertime! As I write this, the temperatures are soaring into the 90s during the day. I can’t help but think, however, of the many U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq today. I read a news account recently that temperatures in Iraq will reach […]

Harvest Offering Letter (2004)

September 13, 2004 Dear Family of Friends, Let’s do something significant. Let’s do something that lasts forever. Sound like a good investment of your efforts? It is a perfect employment of your effort and money. There are two ways I want to emphasize that we can all do something that will help lost people come […]