Finding Your One Thing

As a high school and college student, my life revolved around band. As a member of the marching band first at Ankeny High School and then at Arizona State University, I essentially lived with my fellow band mates. We practiced two hours a day, attended every home football game, and travelled together to compete. As […]

Balancing Law vs. Principles

Do you ever have weeks when you wonder what God is attempting to communicate to you through your exceedingly thick skull? I’m in the midst of one of those weeks. The message is confronting me on multiple levels. It started with our church’s focus on Easter. As we progressed through Passion Week, and as I […]

Turning Point

I’ve always been fascinated by the turning points of history. Sometimes you know it when you are witnessing a turning point. They are usually events that grab your attention immediately, and you never forget where you were when you first heard the news. The assassination of JFK and 9/11 are two examples that come to […]

Peter: the Rock

Following the vivid description of the conversion of Saul of Tarsus in the first part of Acts 9, Dr. Luke returns to the key figure and most prominent leader in the first half of Acts–the Apostle Peter. There could not be a greater contrast between Peter and Paul. One was the son of privilege with […]