Church Guidelines For Financial Integrity

Below are guidelines that can help a church provide general direction regarding how it will handle its finances. These guidelines are communicated each year as part of the church’s budget presentation. We believe that the way a church handles itself in the financial arena is a reflection of its integrity in every area. The Elders, […]

Sample Personal Monthly Budget

Below is a sample budget illustrating the principles described on the previous page: Budget Income Gross Monthly Income $2,600 Taxes $650 Tithe $260 Net Monthly Income $1,690 Expenses (Alphabetically) Auto Fuel $80 Maintenance $20 Insurance $60 Car Payment $0 Clothing $50 Entertainment $50 Gifts Anniversaries $10 Birthdays $10 Christmas $40 Miscellaneous $10 Groceries $260 Housing […]

Guidelines for a Personal Budget

I.        Principles dealing with finances.         A.        Use a written plan.         B.        Provide for the Lord’s work first.         C.        Excel at your tasks.         D.        Limit credit.         E.        Think about buying:         Is it necessary?         Does it reflect your Christian ethic?         Is it the best buy?         Is it an impulse item?         F.        Practice saving money regularly.         G.        Set your own goals.         H.        Get out of debt.         I.        Avoid […]