Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

I have been an active twitter user for several months, and now I’ve branched into a second twitter account. I’ve created an account for my church, Grace Church, with the idea of pushing simple information about what’s happening at Grace. It’s an experiment in using twitter for this kind of application. The problem is that […]

Just when it was getting fun…

Are we losing our enthusiasm for blogging? Just when it starts to get fun, there’s a suggestion that blogging is entering into its sunset. Rob Peters suggests that blogging may be losing ground to microblogging. He states, Blogging malaise might be due to the myriad of options now available to the traditional pleasure blogger. A […]

Blog What Interests You

As a new blogger, I find myself viewing each post with a certain degree of apprehension. In fact, as stated earlier, I have started blogging and stopped blogging many times over the years simply because I have this critical voice inside my head that can shut down my writing…especially for a blog. In Forget ‘Readership’, […]

Blogging: The Sixth Times a Charm!

Don’t tell anyone, but this is actually the fifth or sixth time I have started a blog. My first attempt was in 2003 (prior to the blog explosion). I can remember writing my insights on the Iowa Caucus buildup that happens every presidential cycle. Here it is 2008. Instead of hundreds of insightful entries there […]

Blogging – Starting Again!

Starting to blog on a regular basis has been on my “To Do” list for a long time. In fact, my first attempt at blogging started during the summer of 2004. Presidential politics were on my mind, and I can remember blogging about the race between George W. Bush and John Kerry. While I consider […]