Contenders and Pretenders

In Acts 6-8, Luke gives us an interesting look at the continual battle between the true believers in Jesus Christ, and those who are in it for their own selfish purposes. To begin, Luke describes the dramatic confrontation between Stephen, a true contender for the faith, and the religious leadership of the Jewish council, whom […]

A Contender

The R2R distinctive for this week describes our belief that all people are born separated from God by sin, but God in His love sent His Son Jesus Christ as their Savior. At First Family, we believe this, but unfortunately, there are many in the evangelical church today who do not believe this. Men like […]

Persecution in America! Really?

It’s a scene played out in homes across America every day: kids arrive home from school, scan the kitchen shelves and refrigerator, and then yell out, “Mom! I’m starving, and there’s nothing to eat in the kitchen!” Translate this into first world language, and what he means is, “Mom, I’m hungry, and there’s nothing that […]

Paul and the Acts of the Apostles

The Early Church The Church is a present-day phenomenon that was completely hidden from the Old Testament prophets. The ”400 years of silence” between the Old and New Testaments was foretold in detail by the prophet Daniel. The birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ were foretold in great detail through hundreds of prophecies […]