Picture of the Year: New York in Darkness

November 5, 2012 Cover of New York Magazine

Many extraordinary images have emerged in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but this image from the cover of New York Magazine captures the effects of “the Storm of the Century.” Taken Wednesday night by photographer Iwan Baan, it depicts all of Manhattan from the mostly darkened downtown to the oasis of light north of 34th Street. […]

News of the Day: Obama Declares Disaster in New York

President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in the New York City area Tuesday as superstorm Sandy pounded the Northeast, killing at least 15, sweeping homes into the ocean, flooding large swaths of coastal areas, crippling public transit, and leaving millions without power. As the East Coast woke up Tuesday, authorities were struggling to measure […]

News of the Day: Irene vs Sandy

This comparison image of Hurricane Irene, which slammed into the Northeast in August of 2011 vs. Hurricane Sandy, which hit the same region of the country in late October 2012, shows the dramatic difference between the two storms. The size of Hurricane Sandy was estimated to be approximately 1,000 miles across. Sandy also registered the […]

News of the Day: Hurricane Sandy

Tropical Storm Sandy formed on Oct. 22, 2012, in the Caribbean Sea, south of Jamaica. It strengthened into a category one hurricane on Oct. 24 before making landfall in Jamaica. On Oct. 27, having killed more than 40 people in the Caribbean, Sandy was briefly downgraded to a tropical storm before reverting to hurricane status. […]

Convictions vs. Compromise

Study of the Book of Daniel Lesson 3 Daniel 1:8-21   “Those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me will be lightly esteemed.”– 1 Samuel 2:30b “When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” – Proverbs 16:7 Some ships […]

Godly Youth in a Pagan Land

Study of the Book of Daniel Lesson 2 Daniel 1:3-7 “And some of your own sons, who will come from you, whom you will father, shall be taken away, and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.” –Isaiah 39:7 “A majority of twenty-somethings – 61% of today’s young adults – […]