Printable Resources for January 21, 2018

The following resources serve as a companion to the Lighthouse Lesson for the week of January 21–The Need for Margin. The Concentric Circles of Concern The Three Circles Worksheet  

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Sermon Handouts and Listening Notes: Pros and Cons

To do or not to do, that seems to be the question when it comes to sermon handouts and listening notes. Every pastor has their own opinion on this topic. Some avoid sermon notes because they feel it restricts their freedom during sermon delivery. If they provide an outline of their sermon and then opt to skip over some points, …

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Evaluating Your Sermon Series

Getting honest feedback about how you are doing as a teacher is invaluable. In a classroom environment, how your students are learning can provide feedback on how you are doing as a teacher. In a church setting, getting relevant feedback can be difficult, unless you ask for it. At First Family, we value input from our congregation. To do so, …

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Sermons in the Age of Twitter

The weekly sermon is as much a part of the traditional worship service as the bulletin and singing the doxology at the conclusion. But wait, we don’t sing the doxology at the conclusion of the service, and more and more churches are moving away from a printed bulletin in favor of a digital version. So much in our church services …

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The Value of the Long Tail in Ministry

Mention “the long tail” to most pastors, and they will think of the familiar caricature of the devil: spiked horns, pitchfork, and a long tail. The truth is, the long tail is a concept that has proven a very valuable resource for the church, and something that pastors should diligently work to employ in their own ministry settings. What is …

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Black Lives Matter, Anti-Zionism, and Anti-Semitism

One alarming trend this past year is the rise of anti-semitism in The United States and globally. This past week, President Emmanuel Macron of France acknowledged the rise of anti-semitism and went a step further by connecting the tide of anti-zionist expressions to anti-semitism. Many on the left wing try to distinguish between anti-zionism, which they see as a protest …

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Back In the Blogging Saddle

After taking a six-month break from the blog to finish a master’s degree in apologetics (check), it’s time to resume writing for the blog. Welcome home.