Dealing With Difficult Issues: Hebrews 6

As a Bible teacher/preacher, you need to know how to answer difficult issues, questions, and passages within the Bible. In an effort to give insight into how to deal with difficult passages, I’m providing a look inside how I tackled a particularly difficult text—Hebrews 6. Without doubt, Hebrews 6 provides one of the greatest theological […]

Balancing Law vs. Principles

Do you ever have weeks when you wonder what God is attempting to communicate to you through your exceedingly thick skull? I’m in the midst of one of those weeks. The message is confronting me on multiple levels. It started with our church’s focus on Easter. As we progressed through Passion Week, and as I […]

The Kingdom of God: Past, Present & Future

 Mysteries of the Kingdom of God The Kingdom: Past, Present & Future Chris Eller     Download Handout (pdf) Download PowerPoint (pdf)   “But we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, even the wisdom that has been hidden, which God foreordained before the worlds unto our glory.”–1 Corinthians 2:7   The great theme of God’s […]

Google Enters Virtual World is offering a preview/review of Google Lively (Beta). This is the online giant’s entrance into the virtual world dominated by Second Life. Here is the summary of the article: Lively gives you a 3D chat world with a very clear interface, and it makes getting into virtual worlds much easier than it is with […]

A Response to David Hume’s Arguments Against Miracles

For most Americans, the word “miracle” has become synonymous with everyday happenings. Indeed, listen in on the conversation between two people and you will hear about “miracle drugs,” and the fact that it was “a miracle they made it to work” that morning, or if they get a big project finished on time, “it will […]