Four Major Ways Pastors Hinder Church Revitalization

Thom Rainer starts this article with some interesting statistics: Nine out of ten churches in North America are declining, or they are growing slower than the community in which they are located. Nine out of ten churches need revitalization. Many times the pastor is a major contributor to the failure to revitalize. Rainer then outlines […]

A Debilitating Disease within the Body of Christ

Has this generation of Christians lost the meaning to the word “holy”? It often appears it has to the casual observer.  Just within my lifetime, and I’m not very old, the church has drastically moved away from any attempt at holy living, from being separate and distinct from the world around us. The reasons are […]

“The People Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes”

In the Old Testament book of Judges, we see a phrase oft repeated, and “the people did what was right in their own eyes.” This phrase is a sign of a society or nation sliding into moral decay. They no longer acknowledge God or His law, but instead simply make their own determination of what […]

Why The Church Relies on Curriculum Rather Than Mentorship

Karl Vaters offers some interesting thoughts concerning discipleship: “What discipleship curriculum do you recommend for small churches?” I get asked that question a lot. And my answer almost always disappoints the questioner. Mentoring is better than curriculum. Especially for discipleship. Discipleship isn’t primarily about knowing theology and memorizing verses–as important as that is. The essence […]

When Church Attendance Becomes An Idol

I have a troubled past when it comes to counting people who attend your church. One of my early memories as a new staff member in a church is hearing the double-edged statement, “If numbers didn’t matter to God, He wouldn’t have written a book on it.” David’s Problem with Numbers Consider for a moment […]

The Future of Seminary Education

In mid-January, I had the privilege of attending the Midwest Leadership Conference in Springfield, IL. The workshops were deep in content and presented by key influencers in their field of expertise. Below are notes from two workshops I attended with Dr. Jason Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. Theological Education in the 21st Century Key Takeaways: Main […]