The Challenge of Using Technology and Preaching

See on – eLearning Church From John MacArthur: Clarity and accuracy in communicating divine truth is more important for Christian communicators than anyone else. The availability of mass communications further enhances the preacher’s job in this day and time because of the vast audiences he can reach, which were not nearly as large in […]

All the President’s Men

Watching All the President’s Men staring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford is a journey back into a technology time capsule. It is truly amazing to think how far we have come technology-wise in one generation. Made in 1976, All the President’s Men is the gripping story of Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bertstein […]

How to Create a Facebook Group for Your Small Group

Creating a Facebook Group Facebook is an excellent tool to help your Small Group Members connect outside of regular group meetings. Facebook allows you to share photos, videos, documents, messaging, etc. in a very familiar format (for most people.)  1. Login to your Facebook account, or create a free Facebook account. 2. Click on “More” […]

Facebook Page vs. Group: Which Should I Use?

I recently responded to a question regarding the differences between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. I use both extensively and thought I would share some of my preferences when making the decision whether to start a Page or a Group. When to Use a Facebook Page When we first started developing for the web back […]

How to Backup Your Twitter Stream

Our twitter stream provides a unique insight into what’s happening in life. For some, their twitter stream is filled with minute details like the fact that you are having your first cup of coffee for the day (Breakfast Blend) and that the temperature outside is 22 degrees. For others, it proves to be a log […]

Good-bye SugarSync, Hello Dropbox

I am a long-time SugarSync user. Prior to my complete switch to Mac OS at home and work in late 2011, I relied exclusively on SugarSync for a couple of reasons: Dollar-for-dollar, SugarSync provides more storage than Dropbox. I subscribed to the $9.99 / month plan and received 60 GB of space. Dropbox only provides […]