Sermon Handouts and Listening Notes: Pros and Cons

To do or not to do, that seems to be the question when it comes to sermon handouts and listening notes. Every pastor has their own opinion on this topic. Some avoid sermon notes because they feel it restricts their freedom during sermon delivery. If they provide an outline of their sermon and then opt […]

Learning Styles: How to Lose More Than Half Your Audience Before You Start

bored people sitting at meeting

Think back for a moment to your high school or college days. What classes would you label your favorites? Why? Now think about how you enjoy learning today? Do you like to learn in a solitary environment where it is just you and a book and you can think deeply? Do you like to learn […]

Evaluating Your Sermon Series

Getting honest feedback about how you are doing as a teacher is invaluable. In a classroom environment, how your students are learning can provide feedback on how you are doing as a teacher. In a church setting, getting relevant feedback can be difficult, unless you ask for it. At First Family, we value input from […]

Sermons in the Age of Twitter

The weekly sermon is as much a part of the traditional worship service as the bulletin and singing the doxology at the conclusion. But wait, we don’t sing the doxology at the conclusion of the service, and more and more churches are moving away from a printed bulletin in favor of a digital version. So […]

The Value of the Long Tail in Ministry

Mention “the long tail” to most pastors, and they will think of the familiar caricature of the devil: spiked horns, pitchfork, and a long tail. The truth is, the long tail is a concept that has proven a very valuable resource for the church, and something that pastors should diligently work to employ in their […]

Dealing With Difficult Issues: Hebrews 6

As a Bible teacher/preacher, you need to know how to answer difficult issues, questions, and passages within the Bible. In an effort to give insight into how to deal with difficult passages, I’m providing a look inside how I tackled a particularly difficult text—Hebrews 6. Without doubt, Hebrews 6 provides one of the greatest theological […]