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Sabbath Is A Time to Be Silent and Listen to God

If we are going to take sabbaticals, let them be real sabbaticals: a willed passivity in order to be restored to alert receptivity to spirit-prayer, silence, solitude, worship…The original intent of sabbath is a time to be silent and listen to God, not attend lectures; a time to be in solitude and be with God, not “interact” with fatigued peers. …

Learning Silence, Patience, Waiting & Stillness

When led of the Spirit, the child of God must be as ready to wait as to go, as prepared to be silent as to speak. — Lewis Sperry Chafer  This is a good reminder for all of us. We are so prone to “doing” that we fail to remember that many times that is the exact opposite of what …

Rick Amato Quote

“The seed to God’s greatest power in your life is hidden in the heart of your worst problem.” — Rick Amato