7 Daily Habits That Can Make You More Successful at Work

There’s your job, and then there’s how you go about doing your job. While your position itself (and how well it fits with your expertise and passion) certainly plays a role in your career success, your routines and rituals in the office can also affect your happiness and productivity. This includes what you do before […]

Resources To Help You With Your Personal Planning Process

Mid-November is the time of year I begin my annual review/annual planning process. This is a process I have honed over the years with the help of a lot of books and bloggers. Here are some of the articles and books that have contributed to my thinking regarding personal planning: The Annual Planning Process by […]

Learn To Build On Your Strengths

When I first graduated from college in the 1980s, my primary focus was finding a job. My approach was a shotgun approach. I applied for every job I could find that looked like it might provide a livable income. Qualifications were secondary. One of the hallmarks of a young employee is summarized in a simple […]

How to Determine if Technology Provides the Best Solution

I love technology. There is nothing that thrills me more than to find a really cool app for my iPad, or discover a new way to accomplish an old task. I love tracking my To Do list with technology (I use ToodleDo), reading about new technology (using my Kindle Fire or iPad), and talking with […]

E-mail Etiquette

Roger C. Parker is one of those prolific writers and commentators that I have grown to appreciate tremendously. I first met Roger through a webinar hosted by Mindjet. Roger appears to be a multi-talented individual, but I have come to know Roger within the arena of helping authors get published and in helping non-design people […]