Why Some Preachers Get Better and Others Don’t

Why some preachers never get better.

Understanding God’s calling on your life is a difficult thing. I’ve heard the story told several times during my career of men who believed they were following God’s calling only to realize years later that they had been wrong. Preaching is one of those double-edged swords that can either confirm for a man God’s calling […]

The Two Time Slot Rule

As we get ready to launch our next small group year, I’m also confronted with the reality that many people are too busy to think. We live in a multi-tasking world, where it’s easy for families to run in multiple directions. Juggling commitments is an unfortunate reality for most modern families. Larry Osborne, the author […]

When Church Attendance Becomes An Idol

I have a troubled past when it comes to counting people who attend your church. One of my early memories as a new staff member in a church is hearing the double-edged statement, “If numbers didn’t matter to God, He wouldn’t have written a book on it.” David’s Problem with Numbers Consider for a moment […]