Sunday Morning – When the Truth Hurts

A few months ago I came across a video that pokes a finger in the eye of today’s church. Produced by North Point Media (part of North Point Community church), the video is spot-on when it comes to its depiction of what has become the cliche-driven “cool” church. Churches across the country–big and small–run to […]

Free Clipart, Photo Websites & Copyright Issues

Photo courtesy of Teachers and writers are always on the hunt for appropriate images to enhance their instruction or articles. Clearly, the Internet has simplified this process tremendously, but at the same time the legal issues surrounding copyright and fair use have become more complicated. Yvon Prehn over at Effective Church Communications provides a […]

Alternate Reality Games

This weekend while engaged in quite a bit of driving, I listened to the July 16 episode of The Maccast featuring J. C. Hutchins. The topic of conversation focused on Alternate Reality Games, a massive media genre that encompasses a broad assortment of communication methods to engage people in the topic of the ARG. The […]

CNN Acquires Leading Twitter Account

Steve Musil ( CNN gained nearly a million Twitter followers on Wednesday when it acquired the @cnnbrk Twitter account. The account, the largest on Twitter with more than 947,000 followers, had been maintained and nurtured by James Cox. CNN did not disclose financial details of the acquisition, probably because rules at the microblogging site prohibit […]

Churches and “The Big Game” Copyright Issues

Photo Source: The Christian Post. Every year, churches across the USA face huge competition from an event that has become known as the Super Bowl. In fact, as National Public Radio commentator Frank Deford observed in a piece called “A Merry Super Bowl To All, And To All A Good Game”: Like Halloween and Valentine’s […]