The Key Ingredient in God’s Personal Development Program

When we are presented with a problem, an opportunity, or a challenge, our instinct is to do something. Even Nike has adopted as its company slogan, “just do it.” Words like “action” and “proactive” fill our modern-day books and teaching on leadership and management. The fact is, few of us would attribute concepts like waiting […]

The Future of Online Schools [Infographic]

How should the church respond?

From … No longer confined by location, you can obtain a degree from the school of your choice in almost any topic. This opens great possibilities of continued education for church staff and volunteers. As you look over the following infographic, consider how far education has come. Note the trends toward interactive education and how […]

Why The Church Relies on Curriculum Rather Than Mentorship

Karl Vaters offers some interesting thoughts concerning discipleship: “What discipleship curriculum do you recommend for small churches?” I get asked that question a lot. And my answer almost always disappoints the questioner. Mentoring is better than curriculum. Especially for discipleship. Discipleship isn’t primarily about knowing theology and memorizing verses–as important as that is. The essence […]

Eight Steps to More Effective Discipleship

A recent podcast from Thom Ranier highlighted 8 Steps that will help improve a church’s discipleship process. The steps include: Lead by example. Focus on content, application, and accountability. Ensure evangelism is part of the process. Church attendance is a good start but it’s not everything. It takes time and patience to change the discipleship DNA […]

Are Equipping Classes the Enemy of Small Groups?

Mark Howell Sees “5 Commitments That Propel and Sustain a Thriving Small Group Ministry.” Here’s a summary of his five commitments: Connecting everyone to a small group is a top objective every year. Small group membership is an essential step in the strategy. Small group ministry is designed to make disciples. Significant investment in leadership […]