Bullet-point Notes from the 2016 Family Leadership Summit

Family Leadership Summit 2016

Family Leadership Summit 2016 Below are some bullet-point notes I took during the 2016 Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines, IA. Bob Vander Plaats Think Bigger | Watch the Video Mission/Survival Matrix. As the focus on survival increases, the emphasis on the mission decreases. Matthew 6:33 priority is God is King, His Righteousness, All Things. […]

What Do Seventh-day Adventists Believe?

The Divine Counselor

The painting above is “The Divine Counselor” by well-known Seventh-day Adventist painter Harry Anderson. Religion and American politics has always proven to be a complicated mix. Religious conservatives like to quote their heroes of the faith of the last 100 years. President’s like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush seem to lead the pack. Yet, if […]

“The People Did What Was Right in Their Own Eyes”

In the Old Testament book of Judges, we see a phrase oft repeated, and “the people did what was right in their own eyes.” This phrase is a sign of a society or nation sliding into moral decay. They no longer acknowledge God or His law, but instead simply make their own determination of what […]

Houston Mayor Bullies Local Pastors

World media was abuzz this week with news of Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s bullying attempts to intimidate and silence local pastors. At the root of the crisis is a June 2014 “bathroom bill” initiated by Mayor Parker, a radical homosexual activist, and passed by the Houston City Council that among other “rights” permits transgendered men to […]

The Debt Crisis Debate – A Call for Courage [Opinion]

Debt Bomb D-Day Tough to Predict

  The debt ceiling crisis continues to confound the USA’s politicians. News shows are in a 24-hour spin cycle as the two parties in Washington play a deadly game of chicken with each other. What is certain (to me) is that whether it is within the next week or the next year, American will face […]

Groups Urge Obama to Proclaim “Inclusive” Day of Prayer

By Bob Allen | Associated Baptist Press The Interfaith Alliance and Jews on First called on President Obama to proclaim an "inclusive" national day of prayer May 7 instead of endorsing a National Day of Prayer Task Force headed by Shirley Dobson. Critics say the Bush administration tacitly endorsed the National Day of Prayer Task […]