News of the Day: Get Your Crash Helmets Ready

Chris’ Take: Experts have been warning us to be prepared for a rocky September since early Summer. The stock market is overvalued, many emerging economies are either tipping into recession or already in full recession, nations like Greece are a giant suck hole of debt pulling everything into its troubles, oil is trending towards historic […]

News of the Day: Black Friday Starting Before Thanksgiving Ends

If you are one who desires to simplify your life and lead a life less driven by consumerism, avoid television the week of Thanksgiving! I have been amazed at how obsessed the news media is concerning “black Friday.” It is so bad that Thanksgiving has become nothing more than an unavoidable bump in the road […]

The Debt Crisis Debate – A Call for Courage [Opinion]

Debt Bomb D-Day Tough to Predict

  The debt ceiling crisis continues to confound the USA’s politicians. News shows are in a 24-hour spin cycle as the two parties in Washington play a deadly game of chicken with each other. What is certain (to me) is that whether it is within the next week or the next year, American will face […]

US Economy: Safe Landing or Crash Landing?

I’m starting to think we will know the politicians in Washington are getting close to real budget/debt solutions when everyone is unhappy. Is it possible the only “winning” solution is a lose-lose scenario where we raise taxes (a lot) and cut spending (a lot)? Yes, I know, that will probably destroy the economy, but are […]

2010: "The Year of Severe Economic Contraction"

by Mike Whitney | December 15, 2009 | Global Research  Upbeat reports in the financial media, belie the effects of the ongoing credit contraction. Massive injections of central bank liquidity have prevented the collapse of financial markets, but have done little to ease the deleveraging of households or stimulate activity the broader economy. The crisis […]

Frontline: The Warning

Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Lawrence Summers "We didn’t truly know the dangers of the market, because it was a dark market," says Brooksley Born, the head of an obscure federal regulatory agency — the Commodity Futures Trading Commission [CFTC] — who not only warned of the potential for economic meltdown in the late 1990s, but […]