Sermon Handouts and Listening Notes: Pros and Cons

To do or not to do, that seems to be the question when it comes to sermon handouts and listening notes. Every pastor has their own opinion on this topic. Some avoid sermon notes because they feel it restricts their freedom during sermon delivery. If they provide an outline of their sermon and then opt […]

Church Communications In the Information Age: How To Be Effective

This past weekend, our leadership team held a strategic planning retreat in Southern Iowa. Activities like this always generate a lot of good ideas and help show an organization where some of the weak links exist. One area that receive a lot of focus was communications. To summarize the issue, the consensus is there is […]

Change is Easy; It’s the Transition That Will Kill You!

I am attending the Equipping Institute at Group Publishing this week in Loveland, CO. Change was the topic of one of the sessons today. Needless to say, most churches can be labeled “change resistent,” and many church leaders struggle to successfully lead their congregations through meaningful change. The cause of resistance to change within a […]

How to Communicate the Need to Borrow to Your Church

As I write this article, our church is preparing to vote to approve a $2.5 million loan to build a Children’s Ministry wing on to our existing building. Our church family has a high degree of trust for the leadership, but anytime money enters the discussion, there will be questions. Here are 11 principles that […]

Communicating Difficult News to Your Church, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at how Miles McPherson responded to some difficult news involving the Christian school associated with The Rock Church in San Diego, CA.  In Part 2, we are going to examine how ABWE, a mission agency in Pennsylvania responded to a growing crisis involving their response to accusations […]

Communicating Difficult News to Your Church, Part 1

Communicating difficult news to a church family is never an easy task. If the news involves a staff member, the task often falls to the senior pastor. If the news involves the senior pastor, the task often falls to a board member. Recently, I had the opportunity to compare two events and the communications sent […]