When Church Attendance Becomes An Idol

I have a troubled past when it comes to counting people who attend your church. One of my early memories as a new staff member in a church is hearing the double-edged statement, “If numbers didn’t matter to God, He wouldn’t have written a book on it.” David’s Problem with Numbers Consider for a moment […]

37 Lessons Learned from the Mars Hill Church Melt Down

News within the American Church was dominated during the last third of 2014 by the melt down of one of America’s most cutting edge megachurch–Mars Hill Church of Seattle. Started by Pastor Mark Driscoll in 1996, Mars Hill captured the attention of the younger generation while preaching a conservative, doctrinally-rich gospel. In the last two […]

How to Communicate the Need to Borrow to Your Church

As I write this article, our church is preparing to vote to approve a $2.5 million loan to build a Children’s Ministry wing on to our existing building. Our church family has a high degree of trust for the leadership, but anytime money enters the discussion, there will be questions. Here are 11 principles that […]