Learning Styles: How to Lose More Than Half Your Audience Before You Start

bored people sitting at meeting

Think back for a moment to your high school or college days. What classes would you label your favorites? Why? Now think about how you enjoy learning today? Do you like to learn in a solitary environment where it is just you and a book and you can think deeply? Do you like to learn […]

The Future of Online Schools [Infographic]

How should the church respond?

From ChurchTechToday.com … No longer confined by location, you can obtain a degree from the school of your choice in almost any topic. This opens great possibilities of continued education for church staff and volunteers. As you look over the following infographic, consider how far education has come. Note the trends toward interactive education and how […]

Common Core Meets VBS: Win-Win or Not?

Common Core Meets VBS

John Marshall is the chief equity officer for Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), in Louisville, Kentucky. He is working with churches to change how they do Vacation Bible School (VBS) by training teachers how to integrate Common Core standards into their Bible lessons. Marshall’s efforts are part of the “15K Degrees Initiative,” a partnership of Louisville schools, churches, and other […]