The Bumpy Road of a Blogger: From Gleichschaltung to Freedom

I started blogging sometime in the mid-2000s. Blogging was a new form of communication that was really nothing more than an online diary. The first blogs had impossible-to-remember web addresses like As a reader, it was awesome to get a glimpse into the minds of an untold number of people, some of whom were […]

Learn To Build On Your Strengths

When I first graduated from college in the 1980s, my primary focus was finding a job. My approach was a shotgun approach. I applied for every job I could find that looked like it might provide a livable income. Qualifications were secondary. One of the hallmarks of a young employee is summarized in a simple […]

Day 3: Kill The Editor

In yesterday’s post, I highlighted the technique of freewriting that I use to unleash my inner genius. It works well in times when the words get stuck, and I need to push through a lot of words the clean out the pipeline. One of the advantages of freewriting is that it bypasses the editor. We […]

The Editor