Learn To Build On Your Strengths

When I first graduated from college in the 1980s, my primary focus was finding a job. My approach was a shotgun approach. I applied for every job I could find that looked like it might provide a livable income. Qualifications were secondary. One of the hallmarks of a young employee is summarized in a simple […]

Day 3: Kill The Editor

In yesterday’s post, I highlighted the technique of freewriting that I use to unleash my inner genius. It works well in times when the words get stuck, and I need to push through a lot of words the clean out the pipeline. One of the advantages of freewriting is that it bypasses the editor. We […]

The Editor

The Top 200 Church Blogs

Interested in who some of the most popular and influential voices are within the Christian blogosphere? Kent Shaffer (twitter) over at Church Relevance has posted the top 200 Christian bloggers as of April 9, 2012. Using site stats from Alexa, Google Page Rank, Google Reader Stats, and more, the list has a diverse collection of […]