The Economist Sees An Apocalyptic 2019


Three ways things could go horribly wrong with Brexit in 2019

From The Economist:

PARTY CONFERENCES always attract people with placards proclaiming that the end is nigh, from Marxists declaring that the long-awaited crisis of capitalism is finally upon us to religious fundamentalists spying the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the horizon. Usually we journalists pass them by with nary a glance. But 2019 could prove that they were right all along.

Europe is falling apart. Great Britain is trying to pull out of the EU before it collapses, but the globalists are fighting. This is the kind of “European-style” socialism the leftists in the USA are pushing us towards.

Why would any sane person argue for a government and ideaology that is bringing France, Germany, and the European Union to destruction?