Satire Drives Home Painful Truth: Why My Wife And I Decided To Abort Our Unborn Gay Son

Many times satire is used to drive home painful, unavoidable truths. Enter exhibit A. The Federalist published an article last week that hits on all points of the cultural absurdity we find ourselves at the hands of the Cult of Progressivism. Intersectionality is one of the most absurd, illogical philosophies to plague a culture. It simply doesn’t make sense. Yet, in many ways, these are rules the Progressives live. It is a core doctrine.

Stephen Lavedas published an essay titled, “Why My Wife And I Decided To Abort Our Unborn Gay Son.” It is brilliant. What is truly sad is that, like many pieces of brilliant satire, many leftists won’t even get it. They will be outraged that someone could be so cruel and inhuman to abort a child simply because he is gay. Here is just a taste of Lavedas’ brilliance:

We got to the clinic almost an hour early. They made us sit in the waiting room for a while and finally called us back, but instead of walking us into a table with stirrups like we expected, they escorted us into an office. A man in a lab coat was waiting at a desk.

“I recognize you,” he said, after looking at us sternly for what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything. My wife didn’t speak either. “What you are doing should be a hate crime, and I won’t have any part in it,” the man said, looking angry.

“But it’s my body,” my wife said, sounding defiant, but like a little girl too. “It’s my right.”

“It’s hateful,” the doctor responds. “You are terminating this pregnancy because you don’t want a gay child. Are gay children less valuable than straight children?” He sounded like a teacher trying to impart a lesson to a very slow student.

“No, but—” my wife started to say.

“A gay child has just as much value as a straight child. In fact, you are lucky! Gay children are very rare. Census numbers put the number of homosexuals in America at around 3 percent. It wouldn’t take many more people like you,” he nearly spits the words, “to eliminate homosexuality in America. That’s genocide, and I won’t have that on my conscience!”

With that, we were ushered out. My wife cried all the way home. When we got there, we found that someone had firebombed our rented townhouse and wrote “Bigotry Doesn’t Belong Here!” and “Love Wins!” in spray paint on the sidewalk. I guess some fetuses are more equal than others, but I can’t understand it. I just followed all the arguments I’ve heard from our society to their logical conclusions.

A piece like this will never win a Pulitzer Prize, but it deserves an award of equal stature. It is brilliant. Read it and weep for our country.

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