Witness to Totalitarianism: I Survived A Totalitarian Regime. ‘Believe All Women’ Is A Recipe For Disaster

This is a poignant testimony from Irina Eremia Bragin, a feminist whose family was the victim of denunciation in communist Romania. Another reminder that the freedoms we enjoy and rare in the history of the world and must be defended. One of those freedoms is the freedom to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Bragin her essay, Bragin states,

Having grown up in a police state, I don’t take my American civil liberties for granted. A survivor of political persecution, I cherish the presumption of innocence above all. My mother, Regina Abramovici, and her family survived the Holocaust in Romania. Religion was banned by the communist government; anti-Semitism was against official policy, but my mother told me from a young age not to tell anyone I was Jewish. Although Russian troops saved the Jews of her home-town, Braila, before the Nazis fully implemented the final solution, Regina, age 9, was denounced by a neighbor for breaking the law forbidding Romania’s “dirty-Jew-enemies” from bathing in the Danube and almost ended up in a concentration camp.

I cannot forget the history of false accusations against my people that led to pogroms and genocide.

The left today is flirting with totalitarianism.

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