The Future of Online Schools [Infographic]

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No longer confined by location, you can obtain a degree from the school of your choice in almost any topic. This opens great possibilities of continued education for church staff and volunteers.
As you look over the following infographic, consider how far education has come. Note the trends toward interactive education and how the church could approach ministry with this type of focus.

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Chris’ Take:

This is an area churches need to start wrestling with when it comes to staying effective as a learning organization. The world is/has moved to a much different educational model than what most churches employ. While school-age children are learning in a 21st Century Learning environment that emphasizes project-based, collaborative instruction with the focus on personal learning, the church still employs a 19th Century learning model based on long-form lectures (sermons) and little collaboration.

  • What will this systemic change in teaching models mean for the church of tomorrow?
  • How can churches teach the Bible in a way that is more consistent with how today’s students are learning?

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