5 Causes of Church Member Burnout

Thom Rainer offers five reasons church members burnout:

1. The church does not have clear purposes or vision.
2. The church has certain activities because “we’ve always done it that way before.
3. Too few members doing most of the ministry.
4. The church does not celebrate enough.
5. The church has no clear expectations of membership.

via ChristianPost.com

Chris’ Take: 

These are all valid reasons, but they seem to reflect church ministry 15 to 20 years ago, and point to a small church rather than a large church. In a larger church setting, especially one located in suburban America, I would argue that families are simply involved in too much activity. The truth is, for many families today, sports trump church, and while folks are ready to serve at their church, they are also serving or attending their children’s various sports activities, which are often clustered into tournaments that encompass an entire weekend.

Perhaps the greater reason why church members are burning out in 2016 has little to do with the church or its ministries and has much to do with the incredibly hectic, complicated life families live today.

What are your thoughts? Do you see a clear connection between the five reasons church members burnout or do you see a bigger issue at play in 2016?