Weekly Link Roundup

Weekly Link Roundup for 01/02/2015

The Weekly Link Roundup consists of select articles from my reading around the Internet this past week. You can see all of my bookmarks on Pinboard.

Eight Things I’m Praying Will Happen in Churches in 2015

From Thom Rainer, here are the 8 prayer requests he will be praying for churches this year:

  1. For greater emphasis on prayer.
  2. For standing firm on biblical truth.
  3. For greater unity in our churches.
  4. For greater intentionality in evangelism.
  5. For greater emphasis on groups.
  6. For membership to be more meaningful.
  7. For clear plans of discipleship.
  8. For more ministry involvement and impact in our communities.

On Small, Struggling Churches: What Makes a Church Effective?

An excellent deep dive by Dave Miller into one of the great challenges for the 21st Century American Church–what to do with small churches? Dave’s article is in response to Ed Stetzer’s article, Some Churches Should Die and Stay Dead.

Getting Rid of Cable TV: The Smartest Ways to Cut the Cord

From Geoffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal–several options for those looking to ditch their cable or satellite subscription. As Fowler notes,

Today about 19% of American TV households live without cable, according to market research firm GfK. Many holdouts are haunted by doubts: How will I watch live sports? Without HBO, how will I know why everyone is talking about some mother of dragons?

How to Use Evernote to Overcome the Biggest Challenge in Achieving Your Goals

From Michael Hyatt–another great article on how to make effective use of Evernote. (If you are an Evernote user, Mike’s list of articles on Evernote is well worth reviewing.) In this article, Mike notes, “It doesn’t matter how big or important a goal is, if we don’t review it, it’ll fade from memory. It’s almost as simple as the old saying: ‘Out of sight, out of mind.'”

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