New Online Class Attempts to Bring Mentorship via Distance Learning

Chris’ Take: Here’s a new online discipleship program. I can’t vouch for the content quality, but it’s interesting to see folks begin attempting to develop a mentoring process through an online platform.

Education is about gathering knowledge; it’s important, but impotent. Mentoring is about gathering wisdom, and it’s essential. When the right knowledge and the proven wisdom join forces in your pursuits, life becomes meaningful and the journey becomes deeply satisfying.

A comprehensive collection of learnings will address the core elements of life that are universal: – Personal Realm: body, mind, soul and spirit – Family Realm: life partnership, and generational connections – Professional Realm: maximize career and steward resources – Kingdom Realm: influencing people today, for Eternity

Through discoveries and strategies you’ll obtain in TMP, you will gain: – Balance: life is already complicated; it will become sustainable – Margin: your capacity will exceed your commitments, creating white space that will welcome new opportunities – Focus: you will become clear about when to say “no” to opportunities that are not best, for you… and how to create “yes” opportunities that allow your genius to emerge.

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