My 30 Day Blogging Flush

I write a lot every week. It’s been a while since I tracked my words written per day, but I would estimate I write 3,000 to 5,000 words a week.

Still, I struggle to be consistent at blogging. I read a lot of blogs, and I am always amazed at how quickly some folks churn out posts. I’ve read their books and studied their workflows, but in the end, I struggle to put the words on the screen.

Reflecting on this, I’ve concluded it is some kind of mental block. I don’t suffer with writer’s block. Part of this is the result of learning to write for broadcast journalism in college. The emphasis was on brevity, accuracy, and speed. We were given a topic, a few facts and quotes, and we were given a few minutes to write the story. These exercises taught me to process quickly and just start writing.

What’s the root of the mental block? Is it because I can’t find topics to write about? Not at all. Is it because the bucket is empty and there’s nothing to say? Nope. Is it a fear of looking dumb or being challenged for something I write about? That’s not it, either.

It’s simply a blogging mental block. 

So, for the next 30 days, I am going to make sure to post one post a day. I promise you, they will not change your life. In fact, if you stumble across this stream of posts over the next 30 days, I apologize ahead of time.

The purpose is to push through this blogging mental block. I need to hone my blogging voice and overcome whatever perfectionistic twitches that are lurking under the surface.

Consider this a blog flush like you would do with your transmission. It pushes a lot of words through the pipeline and gets rid of all of the crud.

What tactics have you employed to rejuvenate your blogging workflow?

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