How Is Your Church Embracing Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning Spike BeginsMobile learning has been around in the mainstream for a few years now, but to date it really hasn’t experienced its spike. I believe that in 2015 we will start to see rise of this likely monumental peak.

There are a few reasons, but mainly the advancements in the technology (think smartphones and tablets), as well as the continued adoption of Tin Can API.

More people are turning to mobile devices to accomplish things that they once opened a computer to do. It only makes sense that people will be engage in learning activities using these same devices.

This isn’t to say that traditional elearning won’t have its place. It certainly will. There will just be more of an emphasis on cross-platform compatibility so that courses can be accessed no matter what device is used.


Church Application: as in all industries, mobile learning is impacting the church. Depending on the age demographic of your congregation, you may have more people sitting in your church services with a smart phone or tablet than with a physical Bible in their laps. How are you engaging those with mobile devices in church? At First Family, we have several ways we encourage the use of mobile devices including:

  • texting questions in during the message, and the pastor answers three questions at the conclusion.
  • using the Faithlife Study Bible as our primary Bible and encouraging our members to download the app and join the community for our church within the Faithlife app.
  • using Proclaim as our projection application, which provides a host of features pastor/teachers can use to connect with those connected via mobile devices during the church service.

How are you engaging with members who have mobile devices during your church services?

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