News of the Day: Thanksgiving Snow Storm

Thanksgiving Snow Storm

A vast storm system lumbering up the East Coast threatens to spoil Thanksgiving in all sorts of ways — ice to slick the roads, heavy rain to foul up the airports and wind so ferocious it could ground Spider-Man in the Macy’s parade.

Two days ahead of the holiday, the system packed a band of snow from upstate New York through most of Pennsylvania and west to Kentucky. Heavy rain fell from Virginia through the Deep South, and a tornado was reported in the Florida panhandle.

But the worst was to come. The system was expected to pound the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with snow, ice and rain on Wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year.

“For anyone wanting to travel in these areas the day before Thanksgiving, it will be pretty bad,” said Kevin Roth, lead meteorologist at The Weather Channel. “People need to take very, very extreme precautions — tomorrow is going to be a bad travel situation.”


The heaviest snow, up to a foot and a half, was expected in Pennsylvania and upstate New York, including Pittsburgh and Buffalo.