News of the Day: ISU Defeats No. 2 OSU

Welcome to BCS Chaos

Wow. That seemed to be the single word the erupted across social media sites as news began to spread of Iowa State’s stunning upset of No. 2 ranked Oklahoma State. ESPN’s David Ubben summed up the evening this way: “Oklahoma State’s title hopes? Gone. Brandon Weeden’s Heisman hopes? Dashed. Iowa State shook up the college football races Friday night.” As #Cyclones began trending on Twitter, fans from Alabama to Oklahoma (OU) to Oregon began rejoicing that their teams were back in the chase for a chance at the national title.

This game was played at home for Iowa State in front of a sell out crowd and a national television audience. The first half of the game looked like the games was going to play out as expected–OSU led ISU 24-7 at one point. Then OSU began making mistakes and ISU began playing like champions.

Even as the game entered its second overtime, I think everyone watching just knew OSU was going to pull this out. The ESPN announcing crew kept reminding us that ISU had something like a 0-56 record in overtime against top two teams.

Then OSU’s quarterback, Brandon Weeden, had a pass picked off and ISU was able to score in a couple of running plays.

That’s when Twitter and Facebook lit up. Wow. Unbelievable. Oh. My. Goodness.

It was quite an evening for the Cyclone Nation, quote an evening for the state of Iowa, and quite an evening for college football.

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