Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

I have been an active twitter user for several months, and now I’ve branched into a second twitter account. I’ve created an account for my church, Grace Church, with the idea of pushing simple information about what’s happening at Grace. It’s an experiment in using twitter for this kind of application.

The problem is that twitter is not setup for multiple accounts. To post to twitter, you have to be logged in. To post as a different user, you have to log out and log in as the new user.

Given that twitter is best when you can tweet when the thought hits you, this is rather cumbersome. Here’s where google comes to the rescue. Did a quick search on “managing multiple twitter accounts,” and I suddenly found a lot of options. This video by on YouTube offers a simple method using NetVibes page. Take a look:


As you can see below, I’ve not got my own NetVibes page setup with both of my twitter accounts online and ready to update. Pretty slick.










There are other options available, but this is a simple setup and it has the added benefit of providing several nice features available via NetVibes.

Highly recommended!

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