Just when it was getting fun…

Are we losing our enthusiasm for blogging? Just when it starts to get fun, there’s a suggestion that blogging is entering into its sunset. Rob Peters suggests that blogging may be losing ground to microblogging. He states,

Blogging malaise might be due to the myriad of options now available to the traditional pleasure blogger. A yen for self-expression can be fulfilled online in any number of ways — social networking, participatory news reporting, Flickring, YouTubing — you name it. The blog has stiff competition.

Even so, there does appear to be a more realistic version of the blog coming down the fibre optic trunk line. If filling an entire blank page is a little daunting, how does a 200-character text box sound? Enter the microblog.

The move from big blogs to smaller ones says a lot about our cultural attention span. One or two lines of text are about as much writing as we can handle — either creating or consuming it. Which begs the question, why did I write a bloated 750-word blog exposé? I could have just Twittered it in a line or two.

I think blogging will continue to have a place in our technology toolbox for some time, but as it loses its “coolness,” I can see casual bloggers moving on to the next techno-fad to hit the streets. Moreover, as we become more and more mobile with out technology, microblogging will grow in importance.

You can read Peters’ complete article, “Is Personal Blogging Fast-Fading?” by clicking here.

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