Kitchen Use Policies

Grace Church

Kitchen Policy

It will be the policy of Grace Church to offer kitchen facilities in support of authorized and organized ministry and program activities of the church. Kitchen supply budget allocations will support facility and equipment purchases and maintenance. The service of meals, refreshments, or snacks will be either on a cost reimbursement basis or will come from planned allocations in the ministry budget of a user organization. The general policy is that individuals will pay for food items that they consume.

Use of food service facilities by nonmember groups or organizations will not be permitted except in the case of funerals, weddings, and/or meetings or programs preapproved by the Business Manager.

In support of these policies, the following procedures will be followed when requesting and using food service facilities:

  1. The Kitchen Supervisor: The Kitchen Supervisor is directly responsible for all food service operations. This includes the planning of services; the purchase of food and other consumable items; the recruitment, training and utilization of volunteer kitchen personnel; and the inventory, accounting, and management of kitchen activities. The Kitchen Supervisor is responsible to the Business Manager for the food service operations of the church.
  2. Church-Wide Activities: Use of the kitchen facilities in support of programs designated for the church body will be carried out under the direction of the Kitchen Supervisor.
  3. The Wednesday Evening Fellowship Meal. This meal will be prepared by the kitchen staff on a recurring basis. Menu planning will take into account that the meal must be a no-cost item in the budget. Meal prices should include both food and consumable items.
  4. Church banquets, meals, receptions, etc. will be prepared by the kitchen staff. Such operations will also be no-cost to the annual food service budget. Payment for such activities will either be by sale of meal tickets or through ministry allocation budgets.


3.   Organizational and Program Activities: The use of kitchen facilities by various ministries or groups within the church will be: (1) Preapproved on the Church Master Calendar, and (2) Coordinated with the Kitchen Supervisor.

  1. The Calendar Request Form will be used to request use of the Kitchen facilities.
  2. If kitchen equipment or materials are used, then a responsible individual (as indicated on the Calendar Request Form) must be designated and approved by the Kitchen Supervisor. This individual will be held accountable for the cleanliness, security, and use of the facility and equipment.
  3. If meals are to be prepared in the kitchen, then a member of the church kitchen staff or an individual specifically authorized by the Kitchen Supervisor to operate the kitchen equipment must be present and in charge.
  4. Use of the kitchen and food service facilities by ministries or groups must be cost-free to the church. Groups are expected to pay for consumable items such as plates, napkins, sugar, punch, etc. Current prices of these items will be discussed by the Kitchen Supervisor when arrangements are made to use the facilities.
  5. Kitchen equipment and materials will not be removed from the kitchen without written approval of the Kitchen Supervisor. Individuals who check out equipment will be directly responsible for the care and return of such. The individual will be assessed for damages or loss.
  6. Sunday School Classes, Bible study groups, choirs, etc. are expected to provide their own equipment and refreshments in their classrooms. Do not remove bowls, pitchers, glassware, silverware, etc. from the kitchen. The food and supplies in the kitchen are not community property. Each group is expected to provide their own. Groups are asked to use ice conservatively.
  7. Groups and responsible individuals are expected to leave kitchen facilities cleaner than they found it. Dishes, silverware, and cooking utensils are to be washed and put away. Trash is not to be left in the kitchen over night. Do not assume the custodians will take it to the dumpster–the responsible individual will ensure it is taken out.
  8. Groups or ministries that leave the kitchen facilities in unacceptable condition, or use the facilities without the prior approval of the Kitchen Supervisor, will have their ministry budget assessed $50. Repeat offenders may be denied future use of the kitchen facilities.

 4.     Non Program and Church-Related Activities: The utilization of the kitchen facilities by any group other than those recognized as a church-related organization must be approved in advance and occur on a not-to0interfere basis with any programmed activity. For the purpose of definition, a non-program activity by members include weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, showers, birthday parties, and the like.

 5.     Since these activities are considered private affairs, even if all attendees are church members, the use of the church facilities, equipment and labor will be on a cost/fee basis.

Kitchen facilities will not be made available to nonmember organizations without the written approval of the Business Manager.

a.    Events When a Meal is Served. When dinners are requested to be served to participants, such as a wedding rehearsal dinner, then a fee of $50 will be charged to cover the costs of use of the kitchen. This is in addition to any fees charged for use of the general facilities and custodial fees. If consumables are used then a fixed fee of $10 will be added to the charges. An authorized kitchen staff member must be employed to prepare and/or supervise the meal preparation. Payment for this individual’s services will be negotiated by the requester. All food items must be provided by the requester. No church food stuffs or condiments will be used.

b.   Events When Refreshments Only are Served. If the kitchen facilities are used for a shower, reception, party, etc. then the requester will receive prior approval for the activity from the church office and the Kitchen Supervisor. An individual specifically authorized by the Kitchen Supervisor will be in charge of the activity to ensure it is left clean and orderly. The requester is expected to provide all food items as well as the necessary plates, napkins, etc, to serve the items. No kitchen items will be used.

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