How To Pray For Missions

Read: Ephesians 6:18-20
At the present time, God has chosen to use our church as a sending church. We thank Him and praise Him for the trust He has placed in us. But a church that supports its missionaries does more than send a support check each month–a missions church covers its missionaries in prayer. This is an essential part of the responsibility God has given us. Listed below are several suggestions to help you be a better intercessor on behalf of our missionaries:
1.        The Mission Field
        A.        Local/National Government. Pray that they will not be resistant to Christianity, and will allow evangelizing and conversions.
        B.        Unsaved Nationals. Pray that they will become dissatisfied with their present form of worship and that God will prepare the “soil” of the heart. Pray that God will keep Satan from blinding them to the truth.
        C.        Saved Nationals. Pray that they will be willing to openly profess their faith in Christ and to face whatever opposition may come. Also, pray that God will raise up godly men to provide strong leadership for the Christian community.
2.        The Missionaries
        A.        A Prayer Covering at Home. Pray that God will raise up members from our church to form a strong prayer covering for the missionaries. At Grace, we call these groups Harvest Teams.
        B.        Their Relationship with God. Pray that the missionaries would be persons after God’s own heart and that their relationship with God will remain strong and always growing.
        C.        Good Health. Ask God to give the missionaries strength and the ability to withstand the pressures of living on the front lines of the “battle,” as well as a healthy emotional outlook.
        D.        Sufficient Finances. Pray that God will supply their needs according to His riches.
3.        The Husband and Wife Team
        A.        Strong Relationships. Pray that each member will be loving, unselfish, respectful, understanding, honoring, and cooperative.
        B.        Good Education. Pray that God will provide a good education for the children and give wisdom to know when and where they need to go away for further schooling.
The above suggestions should place you on the road to becoming a great intercessor on behalf of our missionaries.