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Friday, April 23, 1999


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 “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.”

–Colossians 2:6



    Newcomers Class at 9:30 p.m. (Rm. 100)

    Quarterly ABF Teacher’s meeting, 5 p.m. (Rm. 101)

    Sunday Evening Special: Mr. Warren Marcus, a Messianic Jew, will speak at 6 p.m.

    Haiti Missions Trip Meeting at 7:30 p.m. (Rm. 102)

    SUNDAY EVENING FELLOWSHIP: There is no fellowship this week.

REGGIE REPORT! Grace Church broke ALL attendance records this past Wednesday night with almost 2200 people in attendance to hear NFL Football great, Reggie White (“Big Dawg” to his friends). The auditorium was PACKED to hear the former GB Packer and people spread into FIVE overflow rooms connected through closed circuit TV. There was electricity in the air. Also in attendance was presidential hopeful Mr. Gary Bauer (www.bauer.com) and Rick Amato.

THIS SUNDAY MORNING, Rick Amato will preach his “Y2K and the Second Coming of Christ” sermon. This provocative, timely message is a refreshing and thought-provoking approach on how to deal with the Y2K phenomenon. At the same time, Rick’s sermon will set the pace for coping with the growing concerns of millions of people everywhere. EVANGELISTIC OPPORTUNITY: Many people are concerned about Y2K and how it will impact them. This is a great opportunity to invite friends and relatives to hear Rick’s message.

ATTENTION LADIES, you need to purchase your tickets to this year’s Mother’s Day Brunch on Saturday, May 8 at 10 a.m. The theme of this year’s brunch is “The Power of Love.” Tickets are $8 per person and can be purchased at the Welcome Center.

BABY DEDICATION is just around the corner (May 2). If you have a baby born during the last 12 months (or an older child who has never been dedicated to the Lord), be sure to participate in this important service. You can let us know of your interest by Emailing Pastor Colyer at jcolyer@gracehome.com.

COOL WEB SITE OF THE WEEK! This week’s Web site was forwarded to us by Ryan Otterberg. Ryan recommends you check out http://www.jcxpress.com/index.asp because “of the information and inspiration it contains. Do you have a Cool Web Site you would like to recommend to our readers? If so, let us know. You can E-Mail your recommendation to newsletter@gracehome.com.

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